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Top 10 Trekking And Camping Spots Around Bangalore:

This map gives a rough estimate of the position/distances of the trekking/camping destinations around Bangalore.

Choose your next trekking/camping destination around bangalore.

Our hand picked information(video and detailed descriptions) helps you plan your trip better. 

All the places mentioned are popular camping destinations.

1) Kumara Parvatha Trekking:

Click here for information on Kumara Parvatha trekking…a must read for ones planning to go there !

The video shows how awesome Kumara Parvatha is…

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2) Dudhsagar Falls:

Watch the video below….and continue to read more.

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3) Tadiandamol-The highest peak in Coorg:

See the view from the peak……Click here to read detailed information.

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Important Tips : Remember to carry some salt for the ground leeches and camp near the big rocks.


4) Madikeri(Coorg):

Madikeri has a number of places to see Click here to see all of them

Mallalli Falls


Camping and trekking in Mandalpatti Hills in Madekeri

Be Close To Nature. Choose Camping.

5) Kodachadri Trek:

Detailed information about the Kodachadri trek.

View from the  Peak

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6) Mullayanagiri Trek:

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka Read more.

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7) Skandagiri Night Trek:

The Bangalore’s most popular night trek  Read more

Worth witnessing the sunrise there





8) Narasimha Parvata/Agumbe trek:

Popularly known as the Agumbe Trek Click here for more details.

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You can pitch your tents at Rajegowda’s house compound otherwise you need permission from the forest department. Photo shown in the blog Click here.

Do appreciate the beauty of the place

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10) Sakleshpur Trek:

Famous as the green route trek Read more

Camping in Sakleshpur

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Please upload your trip from a camper’s perspective like:
1. Google coordinates of the spot where you camped.
2. Some photos of the tents, the scenery around.
3. Do’s and dont’s or any information you feel important.

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